San Vito Drinks Celebrates 15th Anniversary



San Vito Drinks Celebrates 15th Anniversary San Vito Drinks recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary by hosting the inaugural Wine Salon in Uzbekistan, a major event for wine culture aficionados. Les Grands Chais De France, one of the world's foremost wine producers and exporters, proudly supported the event.

The salon featured over fifty types of wines from various countries, showcasing esteemed brands such as Planeta, Zonin, Fontana Fredda, Codorniu, CUNE, Lafite Rothschild, Cono Sur, and many more. Guests were invited to delve into the unique world of winemaking, exploring an array of flavors and aromas while receiving valuable knowledge from industry experts. The evening was elegantly hosted by internationally recognized sommelier Artem Lebedev, who also conducted a masterclass on Burgundy wines for industry professionals.
The salon was a tasting event and a venue for exchanging experiences and knowledge. Wine industry professionals, distributors, restaurateurs, and wine lovers discussed the latest trends in winemaking, learned about new producers, and explored future industry prospects.

This event marked the celebration of San Vito Drinks' anniversary and a significant stride in promoting wine culture in Uzbekistan. The wines presented at the salon underscored the diversity and richness of the global winemaking tradition.