We operate: On-trade, Off-trade, Regions, B2B

We operate: On-trade, Off-trade, Regions, B2B

San Vito Drinks LTD is an importer and distributor of alcoholic beverages with a focus on wine from around the world in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. We strive to be industry leaders in service, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

Today, San Vito Drinks is a success story about wine and beer. San Vito Drinks is an international company that promotes inclusion and diversity. By demonstrating experience and performance, we develop a culture through our business and create more opportunities for women's leadership.

Over the years, our company's portfolio has included the world's best brands, which allows us to create value for a wide variety of clients.

Our mission

Our mission and vision are to find and offer our customers the best wine from around the world and deliver it to Uzbekistan while maintaining the uniqueness of the drink. We constantly maintain the highest level of knowledge and professionalism to promote and sell products to large chains and restaurants. In addition, we are responsible for shipping, storing, and delivering these products in a manner that preserves their integrity and quality.

Our team